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2019 Zhongshan City West District Economic and Trade Annual Festival Rifeng Cable won 3 awards

Release Time:2020-09-15

 On March 22, Ms. Li Yongjuan, Assistant Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rifeng Cable and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, returned from the commendation ceremony of the 2019 Economic and Trade Year held by the Western District Government.
(Right 3 is the assistant to the chairman of Rifeng Cable and the chairman of the Supervisory Board, Ms. Li Yongjuan)
    At this event, Guangdong Rifeng Cable Co., Ltd. won the unanimous recognition of customers and society with its reliable product quality and high social reputation. In 2018, it achieved another record high in revenue, profits and taxes, and Rifeng Cable and its Subordinate international electricians won the honor of “Western District 2018 Tax-generating Enterprise of Over 50 Million Yuan” and “Western District 2018 Tax-generating Enterprise of Over 10 Million Yuan”. At the same time, with the soft and hard strength of years of development, Rifeng Cable won the trophy of “2018 Western Artisan Enterprise”, which is expected to be returned.
 (Rifeng Cable 2018 annual tax exceeded 50 million yuan medal)
 (Rifeng Cable 2018 Artisan Enterprise Trophy)
(International Electrician 2018 annual tax increase of more than 10 million yuan medal)
   In 2019, the Western District Economic and Trade Association of Zhongshan City, with the theme of “Zhagen West District, Win-Win and Win-Win”, selected and commended the “Western District Artisan Enterprise” and “Western District High Growth Enterprise” in the Western District. It is not easy for Rifeng Cable to include three awards in the fierce competition, but it is also reasonable. Rifeng Cable has been deeply involved in the wire and cable industry, always focusing on the development and production of rubber cables, and insisting on putting new technologies and new products in the first place. The company has 35 patents, including 6 invention patents and 29 utility patents. At the same time, it has obtained various standard certifications. At present, only the domestic cable companies that have obtained the US UL rubber double certificate and the German VDE certificate are only a Japanese cable.
   Rifeng has always focused on the wire and cable industry, focusing on R&D and management upgrades. With its excellent products and management technology, Rifeng Cable leads the industry in sales, creating a gratifying performance.          Rifeng Cable has a tax of nearly 100 million yuan in 2018.
   Rifeng Cable earnestly studied the important position of the Party Central Committee and the Western District Government on the private enterprises after attending the deliberation meeting on March 10th in the Fujian delegation to "actually do the real economy and do business with no hesitation". With full affirmation and great attention, in the new year, we must focus on the spirit of industry and the main business, improve our internal strength, improve our management and management capabilities, and strive to make the company bigger and stronger, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in performance.