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Services Support

I. Service philosophy
Win customerswith tailored products and solution; create value for customer withprofessional services.

II. Commitment to services

1. Pre-sale services
1.1 Professionalproject team: With more than twenty years of experience in cable industry, ourprofessional technical team provides one-to-one services.
1.2 Customizedproduct design: Each product will be of customized design based on customerdemand.
1.3 Integratedsolution: Provide integrated solutions based on customer's current situationand growth need.

2. On-purchase services
2.1 Projectprogress: 24-hour real-time controllable project progress to ensure realizationof customer demand as scheduled.
2.2 Communication on project: 24-hour efficient communication service andcoordination with both parties' demand and resources to ensure completeachievement of customer needs.
2.3 Projectmonitoring: 24-hour full-course monitoring of raw materials and product qualitytesting by simulation of harsh conditions to ensure high-quality realization ofcustomer demands.

3. Post-market services
3.1 Promptcommunication: 24-hour dedicated service to provide professional consultationservice.
3.2 Responsemechanism: 24-hour response mechanism to provide dedicated on-site service forcustomer and meet customer demand in time.
3.3 Continuousimprovement: Output of 8D report within 72 hours to solve problems from thesource and create value for customers.